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Our new YouTube show really dives in and covers the toughest issues of the week in the funniest ways possible. It’s like Chatroulette with way less nudity.

Well, a bit less.

Here are all three episodes in a playlist.

Tyler Parkinson

Episode 1
Scary Movies That Scarred Us, Ice Bucket Challenge Options and Teens Waking Up Late
Episode 2 - Magnet Schools, Drinking in Front of your Kids and Sharknado
Episode 3 -Adrian Peterson, Divorce Ruins Rich Kids and Parental Legacy

Every time you watch, a kitten gets its wings… which, as you can imagine, is very confusing for the kittens.

How helicopter parents are ruining college students

Science now proves that helicopter parenting means the whiny incompetent kid you created by hovering over them will become a whiny incompetent college student.

Yes, a study conducted by researchers at California State University, Fresno found that college kids raised by helicopter parents are basically useless. From the Washington Post story:

The study showed that those college students with “helicopter parents” had a hard time believing in their own ability to accomplish goals. They were more dependent on others, had poor coping strategies and didn’t have soft skills, like responsibility and conscientiousness throughout college, the authors found.

My wife and I could be considered helicopter parents, I guess, but only if that helicopter takes us to the nearest wine bar.

According to a sleep deprivation study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, after two weeks of getting only 6 hours of sleep per night (or less), you experience the cognitive equivalent of being legally drunk.

So, parents are basically drunkards.


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We recently talked to the lovely human beings at Chronicle Books (our book’s publisher), and explained how important we felt it was to get This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids in the hands of people who need it most: parents of LGBTQ kids (duh).

Chronicle agreed with us, and so through September 8th, every single pre-order for This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids will be matched with a book donated to a local PFLAG Chapter!!!!

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This is pretty amazing.
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Dannielle & Kristin

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Pushing The Envelope

Let's try something new today. If you ask for something and someone—me, your mom, your teacher—says no, ask why first. Get more information. Because there's always a reason and it might keep you from flipping out.

Okay, let's try it now. Papa, can I have ice cream for breakfast?

My 21 month old will not stop biting, hitting or throwing things. We've tried talking to him, sitting him in time out, distraction, yelling and most recently banishment (sat in a closed off area of the house to calm down) but he's right back to the act as soon as he's out of punishment! Any advice?

Asked by Anonymous

As always, my first piece of advice is generally: Don’t take my advice.

But, if you were to ignore that, I’d say the key is consistency.

Pick one of the many things you’ve listed up there and stick with it. If, say, you put him in a time out (though 21 months might be a tad young for that to have any effect, just FYI) and he resumes the behavior as soon as he’s free, put him right back in.

All that said, experts say positive reinforcement tends to work better with kids in your son’s age range. So, rather than punish him for biting, reward him for the other things he does. And that reward can be as simple as a laugh or a “Yay!” Not something grandiose, however, like a vacation home in Fiji.

Those same experts also say a rigid daily schedule could help ease his frustration, etc.—things that tend to manifest as biting. So, if he’s not on a regular nap and meal schedule, get him on one.

If all that fails, that Hannibal Lecter mask might be a good Plan C.