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ONE MORE TIME! (Hopefully, minus the technical difficulties.)

improvisingfatherhood: presents Improvising Fatherhood - an improv show about the comedy of being a dad.

I’m excited to re-announce that I will be hosting a live comedy show on the Internet this Sunday. The show will feature popular Dad bloggers Charlie Capen and Andy Herald, authors of, and David Vienna, author of

The show will also feature NY-based improvisers Doug Moe, author of, and Josh Eakright (Second City, iO Chicago, UCBNY).

We’ll discussing the topic of fatherhood and answering any questions you might have for us. Then we will use that discussion to inspire improv comedy.

Tweet your questions to @howtobeadad, @thedaddycomplex, and @improvfather using the hashtag #EMPROV 

Sunday, September 7th, at 9pm PST on

ICYMI: I’ve been discussing current events with my boys because their coverage can’t be any worse than CNN, right?

Anyway, here’s the latest episode. Look for a new one next week.

Time for another episode of Discussing News With My Kids.

This week, Wyatt and Boone offer their perspective on current events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, a possible update to YouTube’s strict policy on children’s accounts, and the decline of the “celebrity scent.”

And, as always, it’s short. So, y’know, watch it and stuff.

Pushing The Envelope

Let's try something new today. If you ask for something and someone—me, your mom, your teacher—says no, ask why first. Get more information. Because there's always a reason and it might keep you from flipping out.

Okay, let's try it now. Papa, can I have ice cream for breakfast?