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Time for another episode of Discussing News With My Kids.

This week, Wyatt and Boone offer their perspective on current events like the Ice Bucket Challenge, a possible update to YouTube’s strict policy on children’s accounts, and the decline of the “celebrity scent.”

And, as always, it’s short. So, y’know, watch it and stuff.

Pushing The Envelope

Let's try something new today. If you ask for something and someone—me, your mom, your teacher—says no, ask why first. Get more information. Because there's always a reason and it might keep you from flipping out.

Okay, let's try it now. Papa, can I have ice cream for breakfast?

Episode 13.5 - David Vienna

I don’t always blather, but when I do, I make sure it’s recorded.

[This is the same interview I did with Chris Read (aka Canadian Dad) a little while ago. It was just reposted on the Life of Dad site, so I thought I’d link it ICYMI.]

Conversation Held Over The Boys' Walkie-Talkies (Me Downstairs, Them Upstairs)

I replaced the batteries in this one, Wyatt.

Okay, Papa. I love you.

Aww. I love you, too, buddy.

Can I have my walkie-talkie back now?

12 Baby Boy Names That Bring Out The Best Of The Wild, Wild West

Before you check this out, understand it is a sponsored post by a baby name site. So, y’know, make of that what you will.

That said, it was weird to see HuffPost sharing it on social media using our boys’ names. Both of ‘em.