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Quick Thought on Oscars and Sexism


Seth McFarlane may or may not have been sexist last night, I didn’t watch. But what I did watch was a two headed monster grow larger. Women bloggers and writers simultaneously freaking out that The Onion tweeted a not funny joke about Quvenzhané Wallis and that they hated Anne Hathaway. Not her acting. Not her dress. Nope, they hated Anne Hathaway.

Here’s the thing. The next time any of these writers start bemoaning the lack of female driven projects and bankable women will anyone turn around and ask “then why did you guys all of a sudden decide to hate Anne Hathaway? And Katherine Heigl before her? And Megan Fox before her? How about the grouphate of Lena Dunham and Diablo Cody we all had to sit through.

If women are going to act like this about leading ladies, why should a studio think they will show up for a movie the way both genders show up for Tom Cruise or Hugh Jackman or Channing Tatum?

This. Is. Truth… because I also did not see the Oscars.

No, but seriously. Truth.

(Though, men in Hollywood screaming that an all-female comedy wouldn’t work still haven’t shut the fuck up in the face of Bridesmaids.)

I’ve lived in Southern California for nearly a decade, most of that within walking distance of Hollywood. But, thanks to our new apartment, for the first time we have a view of the Hollywood sign, which is visible from our bathroom window.

During part of the Brave Cars Land Event, our group of bloggers stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn, which sits kind-of right in the middle of everything in Hollywood. Since some of you may be traveling with your family this summer, I thought I’d mention it in case any of you are heading to the Left Coast.

The completely non-interactive map above shows some of the stuff you can walk to from the hotel, like the Hollywood Bowl, an amazing and historic venue for live music, and Runyon Canyon, which is great for hiking and/or pretnding you live in a post-apocalyptic world.

I included shots of the hotel’s lobby and bar (blatantly appropriated from the hotel’s web site) because they are deliciously swanky. That bar was pretty much our starting point for most of the activities we did during the event.

Also, I’d just like to offer a special thank you to the bartender who, when I asked him to pour my drink with a heavy hand, basically gave me a Big Gulp cup of scotch.

The start of the The paparazzi. Ferguson, McKidd, Macdonald Kevin Nealon donning a Merida wig. The towering facade of the Dolby Theater Me. On the green carpet. In a kilt.

Hollywood! The glitz! The glamour! The haggis!

As you know by now (or if not, nice to meet you), I was part of a group of parenting bloggers that attended the red carpet world premiere of Brave, which opens tomorrow. I’ve actually been to a couple of premieres before, but none for a film as anticipated as Pixar’s latest. And I didn’t have VIP access at those other premieres either… On that note, I’d like to apologize once again to Matthew Fox. Mr. Fox, you look so different in person, I thought you were a security guard. And I shouldn’t have thrown Milk Duds at you. Or my Dr. Pepper. Or that trash can.

Anywho, me and my cohorts walked the green carpet along with — though discreetly separated from — the likes of Kelly Macdonald (who voices Merida in Brave) and Kevin Nealon (who makes with the funny). The woman behind Sassy Mama in L.A. even snapped a pic of me, which made me feel special. I immediately called my agent to say I would now only take offers for high caliber leading roles, but then I realized I don’t act nor do I have an agent.

The premiere event also marked the christening of the Dolby Theater, formerly the Kodak Theater where the Oscars are held. They sat us toward the front where they put the big names during the award show. And before you ask, yes I smelled my seat and I can only assume Meryl Streep enjoys pickles and shares my affliction of nervous farting.

For a brief review of the film, check here. But now, on to the premiere party!

There were celebrities and a bagpipe brigade and all that stuff, sure, sure, sure. But, my favorite thing: Glenlivet’s Scotch tasting area.

Okay. It was cool to see stars and Disney/Pixar folks enjoying the Scottish fare. And while exploring the massive gala, I almost ran right into Pixar’s staple talent John Ratzenberger. He’s done a voice in every single Pixar film, but I had to hold back the urge to discuss his work in House II. The event also offered haggis tasting (not bad), an archery area (kids with arrows!) and did I mention the Scotch tasting?

Disney and Pixar clearly have a lot of faith in Brave and rightly so. It truly is a stunning film. Be sure to check it out at a theater near you. And, uh, if you see a security guard who looks a bit like Jack from Lost, don’t mess with him.

Oscars 2011: Single Fathers & Vanishing Mothers

This interesting breakdown of Oscar contenders finds a host of solid single father roles and just a few mother roles. The writing in the linked article is a bit untethered, so be prepared. And thanks to @jimhigley for finding the story.

Hollywood still claims that stories of women simply don’t fill the seats like those of men. I think Bridesmaids disproved that, but whatever. This dearth of movie moms is a strange byproduct of that old way of thinking.

I can think of plenty of awesome mom roles throughout cinema history. (Mommy Dearest, anyone?) Who is your favorite movie mom and why?