The Daddy Complex

Can I just tell you something? Like, no, really…

The Clorox Ick Awards (aka #Ickies) was one of the most imaginative campaigns I’ve ever seen.

There was so much talk of boogers and puke and other gross stuff. Potty humor, quite literally. It rocked. Also, Tumblr’s own improvisingfatherhood​ won one of the prizes, so yay team!

I grabbed two of my favorite tweets for you (plus, one in which I was being a smartass). You can see all of the resulting videos by professional funny people from Second City Communications, led by SNL-alum Rachel Dratch, at Go check ‘em out, share ‘em, race ‘em, trade ‘em.

And I posted it already, but my favorite quote from the sketches: "Oh, you’re noticing the doo-doo on my walls?"

So funny.

Disclosure: Clorox is sponsoring my involvement in the #Ickies. It was worth it just for the poop jokes.

While I miss my family terribly and can’t wait for their return… Guys, I’ve gotten so much done.

I feel kinda bad about it. Like, maybe the apartment should be a wreck to show how I can’t function without them.

But, nope. Chores done, projects finished, sleep had.