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Will you be doing some of the improv?

No. My improv skills are best applied to what I should eat for lunch.

But, the whole thing should be a blast. And former-SNL cast member Rachel Dratch is hosting. So stoked.

It really is an amazing undertaking and I don’t think anything like this has been done attempted before. I did a post about it earlier, but how2beadad has the full details and they’ll be running the Twitter thing tomorrow with MomSpark. I’ll just be there to crack wise.

Disclosure: Clorox is sponsoring my involvement in the Ickies. They didn’t sponsor this post, though, because I was just answering a question. Consider it a freebie, Clorox.

electradaddy said: You’re Sicilian? I didn’t know that. You’re like a taller Sophia from the Golden Girls. “Picture it. Sicily. 1912…”

That’s exactly what it says on my business card:

David Vienna
Like a taller Sophia from the Golden Girls

Sidney Possibilities?


It’s no secret that these two guys are friends. image

And TheDaddyComplex (the one with the glasses) does write musicals. So, when Charlie Capen posted this picture on his Tumblr blog,


I figured they were working on an updated version of the musical, It’s a Bird…It’s a Plane…It’s Superman. Heck, Charlie’s even working the Clark Kent glasses. (And the arrow across his face also helps to keep his secret identity. Don’tcha think?)


What’s that you say? You didn’t know Superman was the subject of a musical? Oh, yes. It premiered on Broadway in the spring of 1966. And, although it road tested well and opened to reasonably positive reviews, it just didn’t catch-on with audiences. The production was meant to be somewhat campy and more like a comic strip come to life. One theory as to why it closed after just 129 performances is that 

most adults just weren’t ready to pay for an evening out at the theatre to see a show about a comic book super hero who had basically always been aimed at children. It was perhaps ahead of it’s time. The other dilemma was that in January of 1966 the BATMAN TV show had  premiered on ABC and by March BATMANIA was sweeping the country.

So, why should people pay top dollar to schlep into New York to see a campy Superman Broadway musical when you could stay at home and watch the latest campy adventures of Batman and fun celebrity guest villains twice a week on TV for free? In this case, Batman trounced Superman. In the words of David Newman: “It was the overdose of pop-camp that really hurt us” with Benton adding “We got caught up in a capelash”.

The musical did produce a very memorable number, “You’ve Got Possibilities”, that became a nightclub staple. In the musical it’s sung by Sydney, who was played by Linda Lavin (think 1970s TV show Alice) in the Broadway musical, to Clark Kent after she develops a crush on him.

I saw a recent production of this musical at San Francisco’s 42nd Street Moon theater in which they changed the gender of the villain from a male to a female so I thought, “Hey, if TheDaddyComplex and Charlie Capen are working on a new version of this musical then maybe Sydney could be recast as Sidney and, well, I better brush up on my rendition of ‘You’ve Got Possibilities’.”  What? It’s no longer 1966 and we’ve seen what happened to Superman when he was exposed to pink Kryptonite. So, recasting Sydney as Sidney is certainly within the realm of possibilities. Sadly, though, neither TheDaddyComplex nor Charlie have called. 

But, on a happier note, if you want to hear Linda Lavin’s kick-ass performance of “You’ve Got Possibilities” click here.

Consider this logged in my idea file.


I CTFD by watching video compilations of the Wonder Woman spin transformation.

Sometimes, like with this clip (see the :18 to :28 mark), you even get a bonus spin so she can transform into one of her secondary outfits. Oh, yes, Gurrrl, had secondary outfits for swimming and such. Hell, she even had a cape. (See the very first spin in the clip.) 

Seriously, though, every parent needs to have their spin transformation perfected. One quick spin and you go from frazzled individual with a kid to glamorous parent. Perfection.

And, couldn’t we all use fabulous magic bracelets for deflecting the constant barbs and criticisms regarding our parenting skills and decisions that are shot at us by strangers, family members, and sometimes our own kids?

I have spent decades perfecting my transformation spin and for the first time am releasing photographic evidence.

Me, pre-spin:

Me, post-spin:

I can’t guarantee your spin results will be as dramatic or pleasing to the eye. 

***Trivia: Did you know in the first two episodes Wonder Woman’s spin transformation did not include the blast/explosion ball image? True story. See here if you don’t believe me.***

Prespin Photo Credit

Postspin Photo Credit

Electradaddy wins all the awards!

Hurry everyone say how much you adore electradaddy before he sees this!


I love electradaddy because he is always there to say something nice when you need it, even when he doesn’t know you are having a rough go with things that day.

I love electradaddy for a lot of reasons, but mostly because he’s funny. That’s, like, a critical component for me with anybody. (And I’ve met him in person three times, so I can confirm he’s that funny in real life, too.)