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Would you consider having any more kids? How many kids do you think you need before you're considered a 'large' family? I have 3 kids and am constantly being told I 'have my hands full'. Is it crazy to want a 4th?

Asked by Anonymous

No. We wanted two. We got two. We’re set.

And as I’ve said before, whenever my wife holds a friend’s newborn and I see a look in her eye like she misses having a baby, I hand her a margarita and keep them coming until the feeling passes.

But, you’re not crazy to want a fourth kid. Who cares what people say? To each his or her own. Anyway, it’ll just mean more margaritas for us.

Did you know CTFD was going to be such a hit? I mean, it seems so...obvious (no offense, and good for you for doing so well with it!).

Asked by Anonymous

No, I didn’t know. I recently said in an interview I don’t really think about what people would like. Mostly because:

  1. Doing so removes any joy from this process
  2. I’m always wrong anyway

I just write stuff I think is funny/honest/ebullient/flatulent. If people agree or like it, (as they did with CTFD) that’s just an added bonus.

When cleaning up after a messy meal, do you start with the kids and work outwards or start at the edge and work in?

Asked by bumblemama

I start by whining, then I follow with some unhelpful comments like, “Holy crap, did you get any of that food in your mouth?”

Really, though, we clean the table first and let the kids remain caked in food until bedtime. Sometimes, we just send them to bed with a replenishing marinara face mask.

Hi! Long time reader from Australia here. I'm a mum to 2 boys (5&4yrs) and a 6 month old baby girl. I'm coming to the US for the first time in May for my brothers wedding and will be staying a few days in LA. Any suggestions of must see sights? It will just be me and my daughter (too expensive for us all).. And on a budget. I'm keen to see Santa Monica Pier, Warner Bros Studios, maybe Lego land.. Any ideas would be helpful! Thanks! Also, love your blog. I'm learning to CTFD. ;)

Asked by Anonymous

If you’re in town for just a few days, I think the pier and one of the studios might be enough. Depending on where you’re staying, getting to and exploring the pier can be a full day. And (LegoLand isn’t exactly close by.) For an inexpensive, yet entertaining activity, you should check out Hollywood Blvd. It’s a freakshow.

And good luck with the CTFD stuff. Let me know if you figure it out. I’m still trying.

How do your kids like your 'stache? And the Mrs?

Asked by mrstu

They don’t like it at all. My kids don’t like the way it scratches when I kiss them and my wife thinks I look like a sleezebag.

Worse, they’re right.

(Better, people can give now at to punch cancer in the kidneys.)

Do you have a morning ritual?

Asked by respiramommybreath-deactivated2

If you’re asking about my daily goat sacrifice, that’s more of a brunch thing.

If you mean a morning ritual as a family, not really. Our mornings are too hectic for anything that could be considered “routine.”

Oh, wait… We do yell at the boys to hurry up pretty much every morning. Does yelling count as a ritual?

If the boys say they're sick but don't look it and don't want to go to school, what to you do? (Phrasing weird but I'm sick)

Asked by mrstu

We have yet to encounter this, but I’m sure it’s coming. I’d probably try to level with them, like, “I know you don’t want to go. I’ll tell you what, go today and we’ll plan a mental health/skip day in a few weeks.” That way, they feel like they get a special day and you can plan ahead for any missed lessons or whatever.

That said, in reality, I’d probably just say something like, “You don’t want to go to school? Well, I want a jet made of cheddar cheese, but that’s not going to happen either.”