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What age do my kids have to reach before I can stop crying every time I hear about some OTHER kid dying in a shooting or a bombing or getting murdered by some psycho?

Seriously, I’d like to know.

Related: Thanks, Internet, for showing that image of 8-year-old Martin Richard standing with spectators on the Boston Marathon route with Tamerlan Tsarnaev walking (and probably placing a bomb) right behind him. You’ve kicked off today’s crying jag.

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  1. electradaddy said: So glad I haven’t seen these news photos. And I understand how you feel. Hell, I can’t watch the scene in “Dead Calm” where the baby son flies out the window in the car wreck scene. It makes me too sad & distraught.
  2. dream2inspire answered: i dont know. sending virtual east coast hugs to all who need them
  3. barbdunk said: I would like to know the same thing. At least now I know I’m not the only one.
  4. ilovebean said: Ugh. So horrible.
  5. verysmallpeople answered: Children are innocent. We’ll always weep over their senseless deaths.
  6. tmfbn said: Your*
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  8. havekidslaughmore said: I don’t think they will ever get too old for us to not take it personally
  9. seriouslysmalltown said: You are always a parent. I just had this exact conversation with a coworker after seeing that chilling image.
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  11. mrstu said: I think it’s a switch that doesn’t turn off
  12. monkeybrainmama answered: Never. You gave your heart to the world when your kids were born. On the plus side, I hear crying releases toxins
  13. intelligibledirigible answered: My oldest is 7 and it’s only lessened slightly since he was born. For a long time I couldn’t even hear kidnapping stories.
  14. hayleysmiles18 answered: Never. Never ever ever. I’m not even a parent and i cry about anything related to the death of kids or that a family had to lose their child
  15. coalspeaker said: I have a 2 year old. I still sob. I am 32 and my mom still sobs.
  16. beesmakehoneymasonmakesmoney answered: They’ll probably have to be in their 30’s. At least.
  17. definitelyjennifer answered: ugh, that kind of photo would kill me
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