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The boys have taken to shouting “I’m Batman!” and “I’m Robin!” over and over at the top of their lungs from our front window. Plus, our dog apparently whines and barks while we’re away. I’m pretty sure we’re the assholes on our block.

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  1. electradaddy said: Hey. You can live on my block any day. Just think if you moved here then I could refer to your children as yes, wait for it, the “New Kids On The Block.” (Gawd. I’m such a geek. I give geeks a bad name.)
  2. alicewheresyourheart said: Your kids and dog can make noise as much as they’d like. I live in a townhouse and it happens consistently. The only time I can see someone complaining is late at night or early in the morning n
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  4. mom2adelae said: This reminds me of the fighting walruses from “walk on the wild side” on the bbc. “I’m Sabertooth!! I’m Wolverine!” YouTube it. No really.
  5. conversationswithleo said: My neighbor came by my house on Sunday to tell me that he was having an open house, so could we please keep our dog inside since he barks so much. Glad to join you on Asshole Avenue.
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