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I imagine you try to do you best not to swear in front of your boys. At what age do you think they really start to understand swearing and therefore as a parent you have to start watching yourself?

Asked by blastoffbabyboy

You don’t need to be concerned about the age when they understand cuss words. You need to be concerned about the age when they repeat cuss words, which is much earlier.

They may have no idea what they’re saying, but once wee ones start to make noises, they’re moments away from simply repeating whatever you say. And let me tell you, it makes for an uncomfortable Thanksgiving dinner when your pride and joy tells grandma to “blow it out her ass.”

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  1. bageldreams said: My boy told his teacher, “Mama got a freaking ticket” the other day and I was actually proud for somewhat censoring myself…could have been way worse.
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