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We spent Sunday morning at the L.A. Zoo. The new LAIR paddock is pretty rad — all kinds of scaly creepy crawlers. We’re members of the zoo, so we get in without having to wait in line and get discounts at all the eateries and shops. Also, we get deals at other zoos around the country.

The only dark spot in the morning was when I asked a vendor for a cup of ice to add to our water bottles and the woman gave me a Dixie cup of ice. Like, seriously. I’m sure it’s policy, so I don’t blame that woman. But c’mon, zoo. A fucking Dixie cup?

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  1. blastoffbabyboy said: Great to hear about the benefits of the LA Zoo membership as it’s only a hop skip and jump away from my domicile. I am especially psyched about the dixie cups of ice :)
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