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RE: Thousands Entering CA Schools Without Vaccines

desliz reblogged my post about the frightening number of California school children who haven’t been vaccinated and offered a solid observation…

Well, the problem is that there are a lot of parents who have never seen someone with whooping cough or measles, but who have seen children with autism, and have concluded that they’d rather put their child and the kids and the elderly and immunocompromised adults they interact with at risk of disease rather that have a child “like that.” Quite a lot of anti-vax fearmongering revolves around dehumanizing people with autism and portraying them as burdens incapable of living full lives, i.e., better off dead. If the ignorance is to be battled effectively, one has to confront the inherent ableism as well as the willful ignorance.

Let me reiterate, there is no link between vaccines and autism, but if you think there is and that’s why you’re skipping them, you’re basically admitting you would consider an autistic child less of a person, flawed, damaged. If that’s the case:

  1. You’re wrong
  2. Shame on you

Did I mention there’s no link between vaccines and autism? Because there isn’t one.


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  5. kbtumbls said: So if a parent doesn’t want their kid to grow up w/ challenges that autism brings & it’s their belief (even if it’s unproven) that skipping shots would lessen the chance of the kid developing those challenges, then that makes them a bigot? Careful.
  6. falllingforward said: It gets my blood boiling. Send me their names. I’ll introduce them to parents of a 6 week old who died from whopping cough (they get that vaccination at 8weeks)
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